Statement and Courses of Action

A course of action is a step or step taken by administration for improvement or further action with regard to the problem.

In this type of questions, a statement is given followed by two or three courses of action Ⅰ, Ⅱ or Ⅲ. The candidates have to grasp the statement and have to decide which course of action is logically follow.
A course of action is the particular step or action or decision to be taken for improvement of problem."

Statement: Despite increasing BPO jobs in our country, a large number of educated youth are unemployed.
Courses of action I. Government should give unemployment allowance to all unemployed youth.
II. Government should introduce various schemes in different area that will generate employment opportunities.
III. Effort should be made by the society and the Government to encourage the youth for vocational education.
Solution:- If the Government gives allowances to all the unemployed youths, the there will be great loss of money and they will not be think for their future. Hence I doesn't follow. II follows because various schemes in different areas will reduce the unemployment.If the Government and society introduce vocational education, it will also reduce the unemployment. Hence, Course of Action III follows.

Direction (Qs. 1 - 10): In each question below is given a statement followed by two course of action number Ⅰ and Ⅱ. A course of action is a step or administrative decision to the taken for improvement follow-up further action in regard to the problem policy, etc. on the basis of information given in the statement to be true then decided which of the suggested courses of action logically follow (s) for pursing.
Give answer:
(a) if only course of action Ⅰ is follows.
(b) if only course of action Ⅱ is follows
(c) if either course of action Ⅰ or Ⅱ is follows.
(d) if neither course of action Ⅰ nor Ⅱ is follows.
(e) if both course of action Ⅰ and Ⅱ are follows.

1.Statement: The Officer Incharge of a company had a hunch that some money was missing from the safe.
Course of action: Ⅰ. He should get it recounted with the help of the staff and check it with the balance sheet.
Ⅱ. He should inform the police.
Solution:- Clearly, a suspicion first needs to be confirmed and only when it is confirmed, should an action be taken. So, only course Ⅰ follows.

2. Statement: There is an alarming increase in the number of people suffering from malaria in many part of the city
Course of action: Ⅰ The Municipal Corporation has advised all the govt. hospitals to store adequate supply of malaria drugs
Ⅱ. The Municipal Corporation has urged people to use mosquito repellents and keep their premises clean.
Solution:- (e) Ⅰ will help in cure while Ⅱ will help in prevention.

3. Statement: A large number of employees have gone on a mass casual leave in protest against the company's new recruitment policy.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. The company should immediately withdraw the recruitment policy.
. All these employees should immediately suspended from their service.
Solution:- (d) Here, the problem is one of mutual disagreement. So, extreme measures as getting rid of the policy or employees protesting against it, won't help. It can best be solved by finding a middle path via mutual talks. Thus, neither Ⅰ nor Ⅱ follows.

4. Statement: A large cache of live ammunition has been found in the scrap yard of a local steel factory.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. The steel factory should immediately be closed down till all these ammunition are locate and shifted to sate places.
Ⅱ. The government should immediately set up an inquiry to unearth the details and take corrective measures to avoid such incidence in future.
Solution:- (e) Clearly, such a finding demands a probe into the matter along with sealing of the premises for further checks to avoid any mishap. Thus, both the courses of action Ⅰ and Ⅱ follow.

5. Statement: A group of school students was reported to be enjoying at a picnic sport during school hours.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. The Principal of the school should contact the parents of those students and inform them with a real warning for future.
Ⅱ. Some disciplinary action must be taken against those students for the awareness of all the other students.
Solution:- (e), Clearly, such students who bank schools should be punished so that other students do not indulge in the same. Also, their parents should be informed about the same so that they are not let free in future.
Thus, both Ⅰ and Ⅱ follow.

6. Statement: There has been a significant drop in the water level of all the lakes supplying water to the city.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation.
Ⅱ. The government should appeal to all the residents through mass media for minimal use of water.
Solution:- (e) The situation can be tackled by periodic cuts in supply, and urging people to conserve water. So, both Ⅰ and Ⅱ follow.

7. Statement: As many as ten coaches of a passenger train have derailed and blocked both pairs of the railway tracks.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. The railway authorities should immediately send and equipment to the spot to clear the railway tracks.
Ⅱ. All the trains running in both the directions should be diverted to other routes.
Solution:- (e) The situation demands first diverting other trains to different routes so as to avert any accident, and then clearing the tracks as soon as possible. Thus, both courses follows.

8. Statement: India has been continuously experiencing military threats from its neighboring countries.
Courses of action:- Ⅰ. India should engage into an all out war to stop the nagging threats.
Ⅱ. India should get the neighbors into a serious dialogue to reduce the tension at its borders.
Solution:- (b) Clearly, war is the last resort. First, peaceful talks and negotiations should be indulged in, to settle the issues of dispute. So, only course Ⅱ follows.

9. Statement: There has been less than forty percent voter turn out in the recent assembly elections.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. The election commission should cancel the entire election process as the votes cast are not adequate to represent people.
Ⅱ. The election commission should take away the voting rights of those who did not exercise their rights.
Solution:- Re-election would demand repeated expenses and following course Ⅱ would reduce the voter base permanently. Instead, an awareness should be created among the people to use their right to vote effectively. So, neither Ⅰ nor Ⅱ follows.

10. Statement: Many medical and engineering graduates are taking up jobs in administrative services and in banks.
Courses of action: Ⅰ. All the professionals should be advised to refrain from taking up such jobs.
Ⅱ. The government should appoint a committee to find out the reasons for these professionals taking up such jobs and to suggest remedial measures.
Solution:- (b) Following course Ⅰ would be an infringement of the right to freedom of individuals. However, if the lackening of their
respective fields are found out and removed, the professionals would surely give up the idea of opting for other jobs. Hence, only course Ⅱ follows.