Circular Arrangement

Circular Arrangement question involve arrangement of persons in a circular table, with some given conditions.
In order to solve these type of questions, best strategy is to develop a rough pictorial diagram.Once the diagram is complete, question that follow can be answered easily.

To solve these type of questions we should follow these:

(1) Draw the diagrammatic representation of the arrangement. E.g. draw a circle for a circular arrangement. Draw a dashed line for position on a straight line, Draw rectangle for rectangular table etc.
(2) Mark the right hand and left hand position of the people keeping in mind the direction in which the individuals are facing.
(3) Mark the direction i.e. North, south, West or facing towards the table or away from the table.
(4) Identify the definite clues and locate them first on circular/ rectangular table whatever is given in the question.
(5) Identify the relative position and locate the same to get an indicative position.
(6) Use definite clues in conjunction with relative position clues to arrive at the final arrangement.
(7) If people are seated around a table with no direction mentioned, it has to be read as facing towards the table.

Types of Questions

Facing Center

When all persons sitting in a circular table whose face inside the center.
Left- Clockwise Direction
Right- Anti- clockwise Direction

Facing Outside of the Center

When all persons sitting in a circular table whose face outside the center.
Left- Anti-clockwise Direction
Right- Clockwise Direction

Direction: Read the following information and answer the question given below:
(i) A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are sitting along a circle facing at the center and are playing cards,
(ii) E is the neighbor of A and D
(iii) G is not between F and C
(iv) F is on the immediate right of A

Ex.1. Who are the neighbor of B?
(a) C and D (b) F and C
(c) A and F (d) Data inadequate
(e) None of these
Ex.2. Which pair given below has the second person sitting immediately to the right of the first?
(a) CB (b) DG (c) E (d) AB (e) None of these
Ex.3. Which of the following has the persons sitting adjacent to each other left to right in order as given?
(a) CDG (b) EDG (c) BGC
(d) FBC (e) None of these
Ex.4. What is the position of F?
(a) To the immediate left of A
(b) To the immediate right of B
(c) 2nd to immediate left of C
(d) 3rd to the left of D
(e) None of these
Ex.5. Which of the following does not have have the pair sitting adjacent to each other?
(a) BA (b) CB (c) DE
(d) GD (e) All are sitting adjacent to each other.

Answer:- From the second point we can draw the figure below the position of A and D can interchange but the figures below can be drawn on following the position of F. Following the rest points figures are drawn below.

Answer 1. Correct Option (b)
Answer 2. Correct Option (c)
Answer 3. Correct Option (d)
Answer 4. Correct Option (e)
Answer 5. Correct Option (a)

Direction: Study the following information and answer the questions given below:
M, D, P, K, R, T, and W are sitting around a circle facing the center. D is second to the right of P, and who is third to the right of K, T is third to the right of W, who is not an immediate neighbor of D. M is third to the left of R.

Ex.1 Who is on the immediate left of R?
(a) W (b) P (c) K
(d) T (e) None of these

Ex.2 Who is on the immediate left of M?
(a) K (b) W (c) D
(d) T (e) None of these

Ex.3 Who is second to the right of T?
(a) D (b) K (c) M
(d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

Ex.4 Who is third to the left of D?
(a) W (b) P (c) K
(d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

Ex. 5 In which of the following pairs is the second person sitting to the immediate right of the First person?
(a) DT (b)TP (c) PR
(d) KW (e) None of these


Answer 1. Correct Option: (a)
Answer 2. Correct Option: (c)
Answer 3. Correct Option: (c)
Answer 4. Correct Option: (e)
Answer 5. Correct Option: (d)