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Direction: Which alternatives applies to the given statements and its conclusions?

  1. Statements:
    Some doctors are teachers.
    All teachers are counsellors.
    I. Some counsellors are not teachers.
    II. Some doctors are counsellors
    1. Only conclusion I follows
    2. Only conclusion II follows
    3. Both conclusion I and II follow
    4. Neither conclusion I nor II follow
Correct Option: B

First premise is Particular Affirmative (I–type).
Second premise is Universal Affirmative (I-type).
Both the premises are already aligned. Thus,
Some doctors are teachers ↔ All teachers are counsellors.
We know that, I + A ⇒ I-type conclusion.
Therefor, our derived conclusion would be:
“Some doctors are counsellors”. Thus, only conclusion II follows.

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