A series is described as a sequential arrangement of figures following a certain pattern of transition from one to other.
In the questions based on this chapter, a series of figures is given as problem figures and the candidate is required to select one figure from the given set of answer figures which will continue the given sequence. A series of figure is formed when each of the consecutive figures of the series is obtained from the previous figure by following a certain pattern like clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation, movement of symbols inside the figure, addition or deletion of designs, replacement or rearrangement of designs etc.

Solution: Option (2) the arrow which is in the top and the bottom arrow of the next figure or in alternate figures vanishes and a new figure takes the position. The arrows in the middle interchange their positions in a particular sequence. With following the particular sequence we get that the exact answer of this series be option (2).

Solution: In the above question which is a Four figured Problem whose fifth figure have to choose from the answer figure. In the following figure we found that on every step one new figure is added, so the very next figure of the series be option (3) where one additional ear is added.

Directions (Qs. 1-15): In each of the following questions you are given four series of questions you have to find out the next series from the answer figures that follows the sequence of the questions figures.

Solution:- (1)- Similar figure appears in every second figure box. For the first figure, upper figure and lower figures inter changed in their place and similarly for the second box figure the left hand side and right hand side do the same.

Solution:- (2)- The tail of the figured dog moves 45 degree clock wise.

Solution:- (4)-The number of projections doubles in each step.

Solution:- (4)-Every time the inner figure enlarges and become the outer figure and the row inner figure changes to new element.

Solution:- (3)-In one step, the arrow and the small line segment turn to other side of the more line and in the next figure.

Solution:- (2)-Every time one line segment joints the figure.

Solution:- (4)-every time the center figure (circle and the radius) moves 90 degree clockwise.

Solution:- (2)-All the elements moves anti clock wise.

Solution:- (4)-The circle at the corner of the square moves clock wise, where as the cross inside the square moves anti clock wise.

Solution:- (1)-Every time the curved are moves clock wise and additional are joins.

Solution:- (3)-The element in the first two figure changes its position diagonally and central figure remains same.

Solution:- (3)- Addition of line increases to the element.

Solution:- (3)- Addition of line increases to the element.

Solution:- (1)- Vertical line increases by one and diagonal line cuts it every time from left corner to right corner diagonally.

Solution:- (2)- All the elements of the top row moves to second row, second row elements move to third