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Direction: Big B, the political wizard, was selecting his team for the forthcoming elections. His team was to have two speechwriters, two spokesman and two media coordinators. The available speechwriters for selection were A, B, C and D. Similarly, the available spokesmen were E, F and G and the available media coordinators were H, I, J, K. Further conditions are as follows:
(i) If A is selected, neither F nor J can be selected.
(ii) If C is selected, then J is definitely selected .
(iii) H and K will always be selected together.
(iv) I and K will never be selected together.

  1. Which two people cannot be a part of the same team ?
    1. I and J
    2. A and D
    3. B and D
    4. A and C
Correct Option: D

A and C cannot be part of the same team since F has to be always selected with C but never with A.

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