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Direction: Nine people in a family have to go out for dinner. There are two available cars - Car 1 and Car 2 - each of which can accommodate five persons. But there are certain conditions that need to be followed:
(i) Vats will always go in Car 1 and does not want Aks in the same car.
(ii) Exactly two out of the three children - Meh, Rey and Dan - will be in one car.
(iii) Chat and Nag will always be together in a car.
(iv) If Ana and Aks are in the same car, then Vij will also be in the same car.
(v) Any car cannot have more than five persons.

  1. If Chat is in Car 2, then who among the following is definitely in Car 1 ?
    1. Rey
    2. Vij
    3. Ana
    4. Dan
Correct Option: C

If Chat is in Car 2, Nag is also in Car 2. Now, if Ana is also in Car 2, then Vij will also be Car 2. This would mean that all the three children are in Car 1, which in turn violates the basic condition.

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