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Direction: In each of the question below one statement is followed by blank space which is followed by a conclusion which can be drawn from either the statement given in the question or from the statement given in the question and an addition statement which may fit the blank space. You have to study the question and the alternatives which provide a statement and decide which of the answer best fits between the given statement and conclusion ?

  1. Statement I
    A very large number of people were forced to wade through knee deep water for long distances as the transport system failed due to water logging. ........
    The Government has instructed all the leading drug manufactures in the country to release additional quantities of antibiotics in the retail market.
    A. Statement II
    A negligible number of people were found to be suffering from disease caused due to contact of contaminated water.
    B. Statement II
    People having cuts or wounds and travelled through contaminated water are very likely to fall sick immediately after the exposure.
    C. Statement II
    Local doctors have advised their patients to refrain from taking antibiotics without checking with qualified medical practioners.
    1. Only A
    2. Only B
    3. Only C
    4. None of these
Correct Option: B

The Government's instruction must have come in the wake of likely wide spread infection.

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