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Direction: In each of the following given below, one or more statement(s) is/are followed by inferential conclusions. The conclusion, which can be derived without supposing anything else i.e., without adding anything extra to the statement(s), is your answer.

  1. Statement
    Half of the villagers of a certain village have their own houses. One-fifth of the villagers cultivate paddy. One-third of the villagers are literate. Four-fifth of the villagers are below twenty five. Then, which one of the following is certainly true?
    I. All the villagers who have their own houses are literate
    II. Some villagers under twenty five are literate
    III. A quarter of the villages who have their own houses cultivate paddy
    IV. Half of the villagers who cultivate paddy are literate
    1. if only Conclusion I follows
    2. if only Conclusion II follows
    3. if either I or II follows
    4. if neither I nor II follows
Correct Option: B

As per the given information,
Own house=1/2, paddy cultivater=1/5
Literate= 1/3 and below 25=4/5
Certainly, the some villagers under 25 are literate as for the given information.

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