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Direction: Read the following information and choose the right alternative in the questions that follow.
During the cultural week of an institute six competitions were conducted. The cultural week was inaugurated in the morning of 19th October, Wednesday and continued till 26th October. In the span of 8 days six competitions namely debate, folk dance, Fash-p, street play, rock band, and group song, were organized along with various other cultural programs. The information available from the institute is:
i. Only one competition was held in a day.
ii. Rock band competition was not conducted on the closing day.
iii. Fash-p was conducted on the day prior to debate competition.
iv. Group song competition was conducted neither on Wednesday nor on Saturday.
v. None of the competition was conducted on Thursday and Sunday.
vi. Street Play competition was held on Monday.
vii. There was gap of two days between debate competition and group song competition.

  1. Which pair of competition was conducted on Wednesday?
    1. Rock band competition & debate competition
    2. Debate competition & fash-p competition
    3. Rock band competition & folk dance competition
    4. None of these
Correct Option: C

From the given information: Date for competition from 19th October to 26th October (From Wednesday to Wednesday)
From (v), no competition was held on 20th and 23rd (i.e on Thursday & Sunday) From (vi), Street play was held on 24th.
From (iii) and (vii), Debate must have been held on 22nd, Flash-P on 21st and Group song on 25th.
From (ii), Rock-band was held on 19th. Hence from this we can draw following result :-

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