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Direction: Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Among five friends, each got a different % of marks in the examination. Poonam scored more than Ben but less than Ajay. Ajay scored 70% marks. Shreya scored less marks than only Kim. The one who scored the minimum marks scored 65% marks and the one who scored the highest, scored 87% marks.

  1. Who scored the second lowest marks?
    1. Ben
    2. Kim
    3. Shreya
    4. Ajay
    5. Poonam
Correct Option: E

As per the given above question , we can see that
When arranged according to marks Kim (87%) > Shreya > Ajay (70%) > Poonam > Ben (65%)
From above it is clear that Poonam is scored the second lowest marks .

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