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  1. While you are working on a routine assignment, a coworker asks you to help her for a few minutes so that she can complete an assignment that has top priority and must be completed immediately. Of the following, the best action for you to take should be to
    1. Tell her to find somebody else who does not look busy and ask that person for help.

    2. Tell her you will help her as soon as you complete your own work.
    3. Help her to complete her assignment and then go back to your work.
    4. Tell her that your work is as important to you as her work is to her, and continue to work on your own assignment.
Correct Option: C

There are a number of points to take into consideration: Your own task is described as routine; the coworker’s assignment is described as one that has top priority, and the coworker has asked for only a few minutes of your time. If you were involved in “rush’ work yourself, you might refuse to help until you had finished your own task, but under these, circumstances, help get the priority work done. A side benefits to be considered here is maintaining a good relationship with the coworker, so that you, too, may request assistance at some time when your job demands it.

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