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Direction: Refer to the following statements and answer the questions:
Seven student Priya, Ankit, Raman, Sunil, Tony, Deepak and Vicky take a series of tests. No two students get similar marks. Vicky always scores more than Priya. Priya always scores more than Ankit. Each time either Raman scores the highest and Tony gets the least, or alternatively Sunil scores the highest and Deepak or Ankit scores the least.

  1. Among Anil, Bibek, Charu, Debu, and Eswar, Eswar is taller than Debu but not as fat as Debu. Charu is taller than Anil but shorter than Bibek. Anil is fatter than Debu but not as fat as Bibek. Eswar is thinner than Charu, who is thinner than Debu. Eswar is shorter than Anil. Who is the thinnest person?
    1. Bibek
    2. Charu
    3. Debu
    4. Eswar
Correct Option: D

Vicky > Priya
Priya > Ankit
One of them is true- Raman is highest or Tony is least or Sunil got highest and Deepak got least.
Now or each and every question we have different case-
From the given condition we can from the sequence as :
Sequence as per height : B > C > A > E > D
Sequence as per body build up : B > A > D > C > E

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