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  1. exquisite
    1. Crude
    2. Subdued
    3. Devastating
    4. Devoid
Correct Option: A

Exquisite means extremely beautiful and delicate. For example
The queen was wearing an exquisite diamond
Sachin played an exquisite cover drive in the last over
The band gave an exquisite performance last night

The opposite of exquisite is crude which means constructed in a rudimentary or makeshift way. For example
His performance was crude and lacked beauty
He is not liked in the social circle because of his crude nature

Other options meaning
Subdued means restrained. For example
Young man surprised him with his subdued reaction

Devastating means highly destructive or damaging
The devastating earthquake in Nepal led to huge loss of life
The devastating inning of Sachin led to India's famous victory
The news was devastating to all of us

Devoid means entirely lacking or free from
He is completely devoid of emotions
The planet was devoid of any life form
His life is devoid of any form of happiness

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