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Direction: In the following questions, you have two brief passages with questions in each passage. Read the passages carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
My lodge is nothing but a dark, tiny hut made of palm fronds, with a bunch of damp branches and a swarm of flies through a hole in the wall of leaves. I see a patch of cleared earth in the rainforest: the stage of Cicinnurus magnificus, the magnificient bird of paradise. The bird’s loud call, ‘Kyeng, Kyeng’ has been ringing since dawn, announcing the male’s imminent performance. But his feathered female spectators have not shown yet. Perhaps they are out window-shopping, taking a good look around until they find the most resplendent specimen. I hear a fluttering and look up. A magnificus is ‘enthroned on a branch about 2m above the stage: an iridescent-green breast shield, bright orange-red wings and a lemon-yellow cape with a furry brown collar. The feet and hill are a sparkling sky-blue, which also covers the eyelids and extends down to the neck. He plucks off a few leaves to let in more light and optimize eye-contact with his audience. Finally, he drags the freshly fallen leaves away from catwalk.
(1) fronds (N.) : a long leaf of some plants/trees ⇒ palms, ferns
(2) imminent (Adj.) : likely to happen very soon
(3)resplendent (Adj.) : brightly coloured in an impressive way
(4) enthroned (V.) : to seat on a throne
(5) iridescent (Adj.) : producing a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colours
(6) shield (N.) : a thing used for protecting oneself
(7) cape (N.) : a loose outer piece of clothing that has no sleeves, fastens the neck and hangs from the shoulders, like a cloak, but shorter
(8) optimize (V.) : to make something as good as it can be

  1. The synonym for optimise is
    1. to make best use of
    2. to improve vision
    3. to see clearly
    4. to enlarge
Correct Option: A

to make best use of

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