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Direction: In the following questions, read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives
One conspicuous question in the modern journals is : How can I develop a personality ? Ursula Bloom gives this noteworthy advice to young people : Please do not do as I did, at your age, and waste years copying other people. Of old, to the same question asked by Greek youth, Socrates replied: Know yourself! That was excellent advice; but it did not satisfy, because it did not go far enough. When Roman youth questioned Marcus Aurelius, he said: Be yourself! To the youth of our atomic age, the psychologist says : Develop yourself! That is the answer to the question; what is personality? Personality is the development of oneself.

  1. The development of oneself ____ the question on, what is personality?
    1. gives an unsatisfactory answer to
    2. does not give a satisfactory answer to
    3. satisfactorily answers
    4. partly answers
Correct Option: C

satisfactory answers

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