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Direction: Arrange the sentences A, B, C and D to form a logical sequence between sentences 1 and 6.

  1. 1. Those who are neither average nor part of the cultural elite develop their own realm, the Lacerated Consciousness of the bohemian.
    A. Where the state is irrational, the bohemian is quick to be rational
    B. The bohemian poet uses the tools of culture against culture.
    C. Where the state is rational, the bohemian toys with the irrational.
    D. These social critics, these talented drop-outs, possess a wit which sometimes achieves art.
    6. Joining domestic morality and working class morality, the bohemian reminds the State of its evident failures.
    1. A B C D
    2. B A C D
    3. B C A D
    4. D B C A
Correct Option: D

D would follow the first sentence; the clue lies in the words ‘these social critics’. B would follow D as it highlights the ‘wit’ mentioned in D. Now the confusion may arise while choosing between sentence C and A to follow B. If we look at the sixth sentence, we would be able to choose C over A as the sixth sentence talks of ‘reminds the State of its evident failures’, these words would go with the ‘irrationality of the state’ mentioned in A. Thus, A would immediately precede the sixth sentence. The correct sequence would be D B C A.

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