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Direction: In each of the following questions, choose the most appropriate sequence of sentences from the given choices.

  1. S1: Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, with a population of over 4 million, is one of the fastest growing cities in sub-Saharan Africa.
    (i) Tanzania plans to spend around US$2 billion to build new roads and bus rapid transit system to unclog traffic in Dar es Salaam.
    (ii) Like many other African cities, it faces a crippling traffic congestion problem.
    (iii) The plan includes construction of fly-overs and bridges, using government's budgetary allocation.
    (iv) President Kikwete said India's IL&FS has expressed interest in taking up a metro rail project in the capital.
    1. (iii) (i) (ii) (iv)
    2. (iii) (ii) (i) (iv)
    3. (ii) (i) (iii) (iv)
    4. (ii) (iv) (iii) (i)
Correct Option: C

The terms 'plans' and 'the plan' connect (i) and (iii).

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