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Direction: In the following questions, the 1st and the last sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the sentences/passage is split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four sentences/parts are not given in their proper order. Read the
sentences/passage and find out which of the four combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer.

  1. 1. Vegetarianism promotes a natural way of life.
    P. A vegetarian’s life-style is natural and healthy.
    Q.Despite its message of universal love and nonviolence, it has not spread.
    R. It is best cultivated in the mind.
    S. This may be because it is an inward looking habit.
    6. Food and health are closely related.
    1. QSRP
    2. PQRS
    3. QRSP
    4. PRSQ
Correct Option: A


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