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Direction: Read the following passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives and. In the history of Britain, the period from 1837 to 1901 is known as the Victorian Age. The period saw the long and prosperous reign of Queen Victoria in England. Charles Dickens was the most popular novelist of this period. He became famous for his depiction of the life of the working class, intricate plots and sense of humour. However, it was the vast galaxy of unusual characters created by him that made him more popular than any of his contemporaries. Drawn from everyday life and the world around him, these characters were such that readers could relate to them. Beginning with The Pickwick Papers in 1836, Dickens wrote numerous novels, each uniquely filled with believable personalities and vivid physical descriptions. According to Dickens’ friend and biographer, John Forster, Dickens made “characters real existences, not by describing them but letting them describe themselves.”

  1. The word popular in the passage means
    1. successful
    2. poor
    3. propelling
    4. problematic
Correct Option: A


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