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Direction: Read the following passages carefully and answer the question that follows.
I opened the bag and packed the boots in, and then, just as I was going to close it, a horrible idea occurred to me. Had I packed my toothbrush ? I don't know how it is, but I never do know whether I've packed my toothbrush. My toothbrush is a thing that haunts me when I'm travelling, and makes my life a misery. I dream that I haven't packed it and wake up in a cold perspiration and get out of bed and hunt for it. And, in the morning. I pack it before I have used it and it is always the last thing I turn out of the bag and then. I repack and forget it and have to rush upstairs for it at the last moment and carry it to the railway station, wrapped up in my pocket-handkerchief.

  1. What makes his life miserable whenever he undertakes travelling ?
    1. Going to railway station
    2. Forgetting the toothbrush
    3. Packing his bag
    4. Bad dreams
Correct Option: B

Whenever the author undertakes travelling, forgetting the toothbrush makes his life miserable.

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