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Direction: Read the following passages carefully and answer the question that follows.
When young, a little crab looks quits unlike its parents. As it grows older, it drops its outer converting time and again and grown into new one. With each new coat it comes to look more and more like its its parents, until finally it appears in a shell with its legs and claws just like its parents. When this stage is reached, it continues to drop its covering several times, but the change is seen in its size, not in its form. While the old shell is being made ready to come off, there is a new shell formatting over the flesh of the crab's underneath, but it is quits soft and flexible until the old one has been dropped.

  1. This story is mainly about ?
    1. how little crabs look
    2. the resemblance between little crabs and their parents.
    3. how often crabs change their coats
    4. the way that crabs get bigger
Correct Option: D

This story is mainly about the way in which the crabs get bigger and become like their parents.

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