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Direction: In each of the following questions, choose the most appropriate sequence of sentences from the given choices.

  1. (i) When someone stops us in the street and asks us the way, we may give a perfectly adequate verbal answer, but we rarely omit to add a Forefinger Point in support of those words.
    (ii) The most popular form of deliberate guide singing in our species is undoubtedly the Forefinger Point.
    (iii) It is an action that is observable in almost all countries in the world and replaced by the Head Point where finger pointing is taboo.
    (iv) Even when the pointing is clearly superfluous, we still feel compelled to do it.
    1. (iii) (ii) (i) (iv)
    2. (ii) (i) (iv) (iii)
    3. (iii) (i) (ii) (iv)
    4. (iii) (i) (iv) (ii)
Correct Option: B

Sentence (ii) introduces the Forefinger Point, and thus is the opening sentence, (iii) is the last sentence, as it introduces a new aspect 'the head Point'.

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