What is the full form of EEG?

  1. What is the full form of EEG?
  1. The full form of EEG is Electroencephalogram. EEG is a test that is performed to know the electrical activity of the brain. Neurons(brain cells) communicate with each other through electrical impulses. EEG test help to diagnose the problem related to this activity and also knows about the overall function of the brain.
    EEG tests also performed during brain surgery to continues monitoring of brain activity.

    Why EEG Performed?

    EEG test performed to know the following brain disorder:

    Brain tumor
    Head injury
    Sleep disorder

    How EEG test performed

    EEG test is a painless procedure. it generally takes 40 to 60 minutes to complete.
    A small metal disc called an electrode is attached to the scalp with wires, electrode scan the electrical impulse in the brain ( brain cells) and then sends a signal to the computer and records the result.

    8Hz waves and higher frequency waves are showing normal results, but the wave frequency of 7Hz or lower wave frequency is an abnormal finding in awake adults.

    Preparation for EEG test

    Wash hair the night before the EEG test.don't put hair oil or any hair styling products.

    Inform the doctor about the medicine you take, and stop the medicine if advised by the doctor.

    Avoid drinking coffee or tea at least 10-hour before the test.

What is the full form of EEG?