What is the full form of HR?

  1. What is the full form of HR?
  1. The full form of HR is Human Resources. Human recourse describes the people who make up the workforce of an organization.it means every employee of organization is assets for the company, so for taking care, these assets companies need human resource department.
    The word Human resources first used in 1960s.

    Human resources management is a very important part of any organization.
    it performs human resources management, look out various important features of employment such as recruitment, employee benefit, maintaining the employee file and document the employee on board formality compliance with labor law.

    Staff who are responsible for human resource management called as HR manager, Hr executive.

    Human recourse function

    Recruitment of employee for the organization

    Training and development

    Performance appraisal of employee

    Maintain employee records

    prepare policies

    Manage employee payroll, benefits, and compensation

    To motivate the employees

    counseling of employee, grievance handling

    Apply 'HR Software' for the ease of work in the company
What is the full form of HR?