What is the full form of ECG?

  1. What is the full form of ECG?
  1. The full form of ECG is Electrocardiogram.

    It is a process to measure the electrical activity of the heart, with each heartbeat electrical wave is traveling through heart, waves compress the muscle and blood pump from the heart.

    During the ECG test, if Electrical activity is normal, it shows that the heart is working normally.

    Types of ECG

    There are three types of ECG

    Resting ECG

    Performed while person laying in a comfortable Position.

    Stress or Exercise ECG

    It is performed by using a Treadmill.

    Holter or Ambulatory ECG

    It is used to measure Heart electrical Function for 24 hr. a patient has to wear a machine with an electrode on the waist for 1 day or sometimes more than 1 day.

    When Doctor recommend ECG test

    There are various symptoms, some are listed below;

    Fast or irregular heartbeats

    Chest pain

    Shortness of breath



    Procedure of ECG

    ECG test performed by healthcare professionals. ECG test generally takes 10 to 15 minutes time to perform.
    A patient needs to remove the upper part cloth, so that electrode (12 to 15)attached to the chest, arms, legs with gel.the electrode are attached to the electrical lead which is attached to EKG machine. During the test, the machine measures the heart's electrical activity and place the information on the graph.

    Use of ECG test

    ECG test helps to find the various heart-related problem, some are listed below:

    Abnormal heartbeat.

    To check the problem with heart valves.

    To check block arteries or coronary artery disease.

    A heart attack in the past.

    To check heart defects which include, an enlarged heart, a lack of blood flow, or birth defects.

    chest pain

What is the full form of ECG?