What is the full form of HPTT?

  1. What is the full form of HPTT?
  1. The full form of HPTT is HyperText Transfer protocol.HPTT is an application protocol which contains the list of guidelines for data transfer and multimedia communication worldwide. HPTT was first introduced in 1991. The hypertext documents contain hyperlinks to other resources so the user can easily access the web(WWW). It gives the facility to user to exchange the data over the internet.

    Features of HPTT

    1. HPTT provide a high quality of web communication to the user to access data over the internet.

    2. It is used by most of the website to easily access to file and page.

    3. HTTP is a solicitation reaction convention in the customer worker processing model.

    4. It is an application layer convention planned inside the structure of the Internet Protocol Suite.

    5. any kind of information can be sent by HTTP as long as both the customer and the server realize how to deal with the information content.

    6. HTPP is stateless means the server and user only know each other at the time of the request, because of this protocol neither user nor browser can store the data between different webpages.

    What is Hypertext?

    A hypertext is a text which contains a link to connect with the website. For example- If you click on a word on-page and it redirects you to new website page then it means that you clicked to hypertext connection.

    How HPTT works?

    When a client tries to access a page or any file and enter the URL in a web browser. the browser at that point creates an HTTP server and sends it to the URL-determined IP Address. It gathers information from the server and returns the ideal internet browser to the client. A client needs to place HTTP before their page address.

    Use of HTPP

    1. HTTP quickens the transmission of information over a program information base.

    2. Planning web convention delivers to order names effectively in a more direct manner has made the World Wide Web feasible.

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