What is the full form of TT?

  1. What is the full form of TT?
  1. The full form of TT is Tetanus Toxoid.
    it is also known as the tetanus vaccine. it is a vaccine that provides protection from tetanus.

    Tetanus is caused by bacteria called Clostridium tetani, bacteria enter into the body through a cut, bite, etc and affect the nervous system, and caused serious untreated health issues.

    Tetanus injection should be given by a healthcare professional.

    The First Tetanus toxoid is discovered in 1920 by German scientists.

    As per WHO 6 doses are recommended five doses in childhood and sixth dose in adolescence age after that booster dose will be given.

    Tetanus vaccines should be given within 48 hours of injury like
    a small accident, small cut, animal bite.

    tetanus vaccines are mandatory for pregnant ladies, because it protects baby and mother from tetanus. it is safe to take during pregnancy.

    Side effect of Tetanus Vaccine

    A common side effect of Tetanus vaccine are :

    Joint pain
    Muscle pain
    Redness or lump

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