What is the full form of GRF?

  1. What is the full form of GRF?
  1. The full form of GRF is Glomerular Filtration Rate. It is a blood test to check how well the kidney is working. The major role of the kidney is to remove wastes and excess fluid from the blood. When kidneys are working well, wastes and excess fluid are removed from urine, but when the kidney is not working properly then unable to remove the waste and excess fluid and it builds up in the blood. GFR measures the amount of blood filtered by the kidney's glomerulus per minute. If the GRF count is low that means the kidney is not functioning properly.

    Glomerulus filtration rate with several other factors, different formulas are used for adults and children. The formula includes age, sex, serum creatinine level, height, weight, and race.

    Stage of Kidney damage

    Stage 1-90 or above- Minimal damage of the kidney with normal function.

    Stage 2-89 to 60-Kidney damage with mild loss of kidney function.

    Stage3-59 to 44- Moderate loss of kidney function.

    Stage 4-44 to 29 - A severe loss of kidney function.

    Stage 5-Less than 15- Kidney failure
What is the full form of GRF?