What is the full form of QR code?

  1. What is the full form of QR code?
  1. The full form of QR code is Quick Response Code.
    It is a trademark for two-dimensional bar code.

    QR code first designed in 1994 for the automobile industry of Japan. the main aim was to tack the vehicles during manufacturing.

    The barcode is machine-readable, which contains data about the items to which it is attached. Each QR code is unique in itself, every QR code has a different pattern.

    It helps in product tracking, identification of items, data management, and time tracking.

    QR code is also liked outside the automobile industry because of fast readability and greater storage capacity as compared to UPC barcodes.

    How QR Code work

    A QR code contains black squares and white background in a square network. It very well may be perused both evenly and vertically by an imaging gadget, for example, a camera, cell phone with an implicit camera, QR scanner, and so forth.

    After the Scanning, the device converts dots within the code special number or charterers.

    Use of QR Code

    QR codes are normal in customer publicizing. a cell phone is utilized as a QR code scanner, showing the code and changing over it to some valuable form.

    QR code provides easy access to the brand website quickly than manually entering the URL.

    QR code used in product marketing, track labeled product in store, Entertainment & transport ticketing.

    QR code used for storing personal information of the organization.

    QR code used as a payment provider application.

    QR code used in the construction sites to save time, energy and paper.
What is the full form of QR code?