What is the full form of EVM?

  1. What is the full form of EVM?
  1. The full form of EVM is the Electronic Voting Machine. It is an electronically operated device which is used to record the votes. It is used for implementing the electronic voting system in Indian Elections.

    M. B. Haneefa made the first voting machine in India in 1980, the initial version was shown to the general population at different Government Exhibitions coordinated in six unique urban areas all through Tamil Nadu.

    In 1982 EVM was first utilized for a predetermined number of casting ballot stalls in the appointment of Paravur supporters in Kerala.

    In 1989 Election Commission of India approved EVM in partnership with Electronics Corporation of India Limited.

    Structure of EVM

    An EVM is designed in two units, these units are connected with each other by cables.

    1Control unit- It kept with the presiding officer or the polling officer.
    2.Ballot unit- It kept under the voting compartment.

    Polling officer ensures the identity of voters, and instead of giving a ballot paper for voting, the polling officer will press the Ballot Button which enables the voter to cast their vote. Candidates names and party symbols are available on the machine with a blue button next to it. The voter just presses the button next to the candidate’s name.

    Benefits of EVM

    1. EVM reduce the chances of invalid votes
    2. It is the easy and fastest method for calculating votes.
    3. Less effort and time-saving method.
    4. Good for the environment because it is Paperless method.
    5. It can be easily carried from one location to another location
    6. The data is secure and stored for further use.
    7. In less time, more individuals will have the option to project votes.
What is the full form of EVM?