What is the full form of AMC?

  1. What is the full form of AMC?
  1. The full form of AMC is the Annual Maintenance Contract. AMC is also known as Annual maintenance charge. It is a type of agreement between the service provider and individual or company for repair and maintenance of the product. AMC is offered by all manufacturers after the sale of products. The AMC services are chargeable or sometimes it's free according to contract.
    Example-Some laptop companies offer AMC services free for 1year which included all maintenance and laptop warranty, after 1year if the customer wants to extend the AMC services than they need to pay for service accordingly. In AMC, the company generally provides service support to the customer and charges for the damaged parts of the machine. In some cases, the company covers some parts under AMC, these parts are replaced free of cost.

    Types of AMCs

    AMCs are generally two types:

    Comprehensive AMC
    Comprehensive AMC is expansive, it covers service as well as replacement of damaged parts at free of cost. it includes spare parts, technician visit, transportation of machines, Maintenace of the machine.

    Non-comprehensive AMC
    Non- comprehensive service cover only maintenance of the product, Any other cost that arises during the maintenance process are paid by the client. It includes routine servicing only, the replacement of spare parts is chargeable.

    Why you should have an annual maintenance contract

    1. It saves additional cost for maintenance and damaged part of the product

    2. Provide 24x7 customer support

    3. Provide experts support who understand your needs

    4. Regular service and maintenance

    5. No need to search for a new technician for maintenance

    6. It cut down the maintenance cost

    What are the details included in AMC agreement

    AMC agreement is a type of contract between services provider and company, it includes the following details:

    1. Name and address of parties

    2. Details of equipment cover under the contract

    3. Number of visits

    4. Type of AMC(Comprehensive or non-comprehensive)

    5. Timeline

    6. Requirements

    7. Price

    8. Payment terms

    9. Penalty

    10. Termination of contract

    11. Both parties signature and seal

    Devices covered under AMC

    AMCs are very common in many industries like healthcare, IT, retails etc.

    1. Computers and Laptops
    2. Robots
    3. Servers
    4. Machines, &Printer
    5. Electrical Appliance
    6. Healthcare devices

What is the full form of AMC?