What is the full form of SSLC?

  1. What is the full form of SSLC?
  1. The full form of SSLC is the Secondary School Leaving Certificate. SSLC is a certificate that provides to the student after completing their study of secondary school level. It is a certificate which generally required for enrollment to higher secondary school after completing the class 10 public examination, usually called as 'class 10 board examinations' in India.

    The SSLC certificate was used as the main document of proof for date of birth during the time when registration of death and births was not compulsory in India. It is mandatory to document for people who were born before 1989 to issue civil documents such as passports.

    Class 10th mark sheet is considered as proof for DOB. SSLC is normal in the global marketplace, which is an overall assessment of capability and furthermore in a few states in India, particularly Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

    Category of the Indian schooling system

    In India, the schooling system is categorized as:

    Primary Schooling The first five years(Pre to class 5th ) of schooling is known as primary schooling.

    Secondary schooling From Class 6th to Class 10th is known as Secondary schooling.

    Senior secondary schooling Class 11th and 12th are known as a pre-university or senior secondary school.

    What are Opportunities after SSLC Examination?

    1. After completing SSLC exam student are eligible for the higher secondary exam, also known as 12th grade.

    2. After finishing the class 12th exam, students can apply for any four-year college education courses ( bachelor degree program)in any university according to their choice.

    3. Student can enrol for any technical degree programs

    4. SSLC is required these days for work destinations to get a Passport under the Indian Government.

    Importance of SSLC

    The SSLC certificate was used as the primary identification from for the date of birth when birth and death documentation is not mandatory in India.

    Individuals who were born before 1989, as per the MEA site are as yet a legal way for the Indian civil authorities to check the date of birth to give public papers, such as a passport.
What is the full form of SSLC?