What is the full form of FMCG?

  1. What is the full form of FMCG?
  1. The full form of FMCG is Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. FMCG products are sold quickly generally at low cost. example -Processed Foods, fruit juice, bottled water coffee, tea, sugar, beans, Cosmetics,
    Toiletries, Over-the-counter Medication, frozen foods, cookies, pens, paper, baking soda, etc.

    The life span of an FMCG product is short because they are perishable or high demand. They are generally used within a day, week, or month. FMCG products are relatively low at cost because this profit margin in FMCG products is low but these product are generally sold in bulk quantity so cumulative profit is good.

    The turn over of FMCG products is very high, the market is not only very large, but competition is also high.

    FMCG industry plays a very large part of the Indian economy. FMCG offers job opportunities in a rural area and drives down the cost of products in those areas. FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy.

    Features of FMCG products

    From the consumers' point of view

    1. Low cost
    2.short life span
    3.Frequent consumption
    4. No effort to choose the products
    5.Lots of variety

    From the marketers' point of view
    1.Low margin
    2.large scale distribution
    3.High volume

    Indian FMCG Companies

    2. Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)
    3. Colgate-Palmolive
    4. Nestlé
    5. ITC limited
    6. Britannia Industries Limited
    7.Procter and Gamble(P&G)
    9.Dabur India Ltd.
    12.Zydus Wellness

What is the full form of FMCG?