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  1. The capital of the Yadava rulerswas :
    1. Dwarasamudra
    2. Warangal
    3. Kalyani
    4. Devagiri
Correct Option: D

The Seuna, Sevuna or Yadavas of Devagiri (850–1334) was an Indian dynasty, which at its peak ruled a kingdom stretching from the Tungabhadra to the Narmada rivers, including present-day Maharashtra, north Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh, from its capital at Devagiri (present-day Daulatabad in modern Maharashtra). The Yadavas initially ruled as feudatories of the Western Chalukyas. Around themiddle of the 12th century, as the Chalukya power waned, they declared independence and established rule that reached its peak under Singhana II.

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