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  1. What do you mean by Mughal Zagir ?
    1. providing rent free land
    2. zamindar’s property
    3. giving officer a right to revenue
    4. giving cash salary to Man-sabdar
Correct Option: C

Zagir was a piece of land held by the mansabdar which was granted by the Sultan. Mansabdars were given control over an area of land, a ‘Zagir’ whose revenue was to be used for maintaining troops; if not given a ‘Zagir’ they were paid in cash through a complicated accounting system, with deductions for various things including ‘the rising of the moon’; it was a normal practice to pay for only eight or ten months in
the year. The Mansabdars were allowed to keep five percent of the income of the ‘Zagir’ or five per cent of the salaries received. In Mughal period, zagir was the practice giving officer a right to revenue.

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