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  1. Which one of the following are correctly matched?
    a. Sultan Mahmud Sack of Somnath
    b. Mohammad GhoriConquest of Sind
    c. Alauddin KhiljiRevolt in Bengal
    d. Mohammad Bin TughlaqChengiz Khan’s invasion

    1. a and c
    2. b only
    3. a only
    4. b and d
Correct Option: C

Mahmud of Ghazni sacked the Somnath temple in 1024 AD and is reported to have personally hammered the temple's gilded Lingam to pieces and the stone fragments were carted back to Ghazni, where they were incorporated into the steps of the city's new Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque) in 1026. The temple and citadel were sacked, and most of its defenders massacred.

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